Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here, Lizard, Lizard...

This little green lizard was crawling around the plants in the greenhouse at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens when he became the unwitting subject of a photo shoot. (And the logo for this new blog.)

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Aldridge Gardens, Birmingham, AL

Spring Azaleas in the Early Morning

I took these shots of some azaleas one morning when I arrived at work.

Welcome to the Studio Bueno Photography Blog!


Welcome to the Studio Bueno Photography Blog! Mostly you know me for my mediocre cartoons, but I decided I needed a home for my mediocre photography as well!

While I love photography, I'm an absolute amateur and don't profess to have any particular skills. Just a love of photography and the luck of landing some decent shots now and then.

Updating of this blog will likely be sporadic. I'm going to start of with samples of some recent spring photography, but I plan to occasionally share pictures from my backlog as well. Just whenever the mood strikes.

Most pictures seen on this blog are taken with my Canon PowerShot SX110 IS.

Enoy! (And maybe follow the sidebar links to some of my cartooning, if you're not familiar and that's your sorta thing.)